Today (1.10.2015)  was the day with my first training for the winter plan. I did 15k with 2 friends and colleagues. The route was one that I’ve done at least 20 times since I have been living in Brasov, but this time something was different.

I did’t run for a future goal and I didn’t felt OK.

I am making my plans because winter is the most important training period for all athletes. I should do that too, I’ve said to myself. Fake it ’till you make it, it’s a saying of a smart boy, I don’t know which.

That’s what I’ve done last year. A good plan who led me to a good training plan and at a good shape. But the first workout, compared to last year when I knew what I was running for, was different.

Last year I was training for a sub 3h40 min for EcoMarathon, podium or a better time of 11:45 at CCC and a 3:45 or less for Piatra Craiului Marathon.

This year I made my plans because this is how things are done around here, around the athletes, but I do not mean to run for something, for a competition, for a goal and it’s a weird feeling. I don’t know if there is a lack of motivation, but I can’t find a bold goal for next year.

And I say this not to make a shit on my pants… “more can’t be done” or  “I have done enough” now I can lie down on my ear or that I have proved that I can no!, I’m saying that because I can’t find out what I could get anymore.


There are some objectives, but I feel that they do not fit anymore. For example a sub 3h30 for Ecomaraton  It would be nice… and I would probably come in the first three.

A coveted result for many people, but at the moment I do not see the point.

I experienced the feeling, the enthusiasm offered by a competition like EcoMarathon, the feeling of the Eco podium… but except for that 10 minutes when I climbed there, on the podium, with the best athletes, I did not get much in return. Okay, a grand prize in money too.

And yes, you could say that:

You do not think you should not give up a wet virgin and go run for pleasure, and you’re done.”

Well I could and probably will do it, but it’s a lot better when you run and imagine you in the race though it’s going to start in six months. When you can’t fall asleep because you feel the heels of your opponents at the starting line, when you pull yourself on training because you see it in front of you, in a few steps, though in the forest it is not the hell.

It’s a sense of accomplishment when you run with a bold goal written on a sheet of paper. When you get back after a hard workout it’s like winning the race. I need this.

I need a goal that makes me wonder what if ?! And to be worth it.

In addition to a 3h30 min at Ecomaraton, another goal is a 100-mile contest, participation at Goretex Transalpine Run, getting the best ITRA scores for our country. But all this for what?

In addition, over-the-border races, which we all long for, are costly and I have invested 750% of the winnings from competitions always in the next goal I was dreaming about.

A big thought is to participate in all the ultramarathons in my country, and try to win all of them. I see my mountains and discover Romania. A good reason to do this.

In the absence of anything else, looking for something provocative.

With love and fever on the abdomen,


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