Parte din Altra Red Team si UGLOW

I strongly believe that there is the perfect pair of running shoes for each runner. Whether he is running short, slow or long-range racing, whether performing high-level o performance or using running only for recreational purposes.

Ideal shoes are somewhere in the world or closer than you think and they are waiting to be found by you, to be discovered, to be tested, to be under heavy conditions. They are ready to be close to you. You only have to give them a chance to trust your instinct and your needs.

At the contest that made me famous: UTMB 2018 I ran with Altra Olympus 3.0. I realized that I was in love with them from the first test and that they were made for my feet.

Let me tell you how I came to the conclusion that I must run with Altra at the UTMB.

Before the competition, I managed to make the course, in recognition, in a running pace with a pair of asphalt sneakers – Mizuno Wave 9  received from Lucian Iosip who #runsonabigfoot

Starting with the World Championship in Spain and finishing with the UTMB training, all off the 2018 year I ran with asphalt sneakers in the mountains. For the most part there were a pair of Nike Pegasus 32 and what we found in the closet.

Generally, asphalt shoes are very good on the dry tracks of the trail. I can offer you the protection you need and the joints will be really happy with the decision you made, training you with asphalt sneakers in the mountains. I remember doing good work at Ultramaraton Apuseni and Ultrabug.

But there is a great disadvantage. If it is muddy and rainy they become very slippery. I said that for the 180 km race I needed something with a better grip. Something with a sole that would keep me on track and not slip like a backcountry sky.

So I got the idea of running with a pair of Altra because I had heard good things about them. Like they are the shoes that you fall in love with and then you do not need anything else.

After a telephone conversation with Altra’s head in Romania: Bogdan Cretu from InfintyRun.Ro I decided to run with Altra or at least have a spare pair in case of emergency.

He didn’t have a pair in stock, but he struggled to bring me a pair. As if he knew something was going to be worth the effort. In about 5 days already the sneakers were on their way, but I did not know how much, I managed, walking through Italy and Switzerland, that they could reach me only 3 days before the contest.

I did only three runs but I realized they were perfect. I felt comfortable and protective. I was not wrong.

Even if I tried them three days before the race on the day of the race they behaved exemplary. No nails dropped and I did not make a blister. A luxury and a rarity in the world of those who run an ultramarathon. Especially after just so few kilometers run with them.

At the end of the competition, Brian, one of the founders of the  Altra company was at the finish line and we had time to have a chat.

He wondered how I chose to run with Altra and I told him the story said above. That it was love at first glance and that I ran very little before the contest with them.

Brian advised me not to do this anymore and proposed to be part of the Altra Red Team team.

24 emails later We agreed that it’s a good idea and now I am in a team with other runners like Hayden Hawks, Gediminas Grinius and cool girls like Amelia Boone or Amanda Basham.

It is like a dream come true and I am now wondering where is this road heading to?

Photos by: Tănăsia Ana Maria

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